Land Your Dream Design Job with an Infographic Resume

Being new to the design world can be a little intimidating. As you begin scanning the job market and scoping the competition, you may become a little disheartened as to whether your skills will land you a dream job. However, while other designers may be more experienced, by standing out from the sea of job applicants, you’ll gain more exposure to potential employers.

As a designer, you’re expected to brim with creativity and view common elements in a different light. When applying for jobs, your best option for impressing employers is with your resume. One trend that’s still largely underutilized by new designers is creating infographic resumes. By giving potential employers your resume as an infographic, you may earn the second glance that could land you the job.

Here are 3 outstanding infographic resumes to help you become more acquainted with this trend:

Elliot Hasse

Elliot Hasse compresses a large volume of details into a concise, visually appealing infographic. The infographic’s details flow logically with clever and effective graphic usage. Additionally, the color scheme is effective and serves to grab the attention of potential employers.

Jordan Carroll

Perhaps the most interesting and appealing feature of Jordan Carroll’s resume infographic is the use of a map to visualize work history details. The use of software icons is also effective at compressing information to provide a quick snapshot of Jordan’s areas of expertise.

Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez’s infographic resume is an inspiring example of creative potential. Not only does the infographic exhibit Victor’s originality, it also showcases his graphic design skills. Original, concise and exquisitely designed, this infographic unlocks the true potential of this trend. 

While landing your first design job can be a little challenging, you’ll have more success by standing apart from the competition. Before you can impress potential employers with a stellar portfolio and outstanding interview skills, you must first land an interview. By transforming your run-of-the-mill resume into an infographic, you’ll gain more exposure and may land your dream job sooner.

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