Image Recoloring using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop

While natural colors may be beautiful, they don’t always fit the design. Photoshop offers many tools to recolor an image. Here we will use hue/saturation to adjust an image to fit your needs.

1.  Open the image that needs adjustments. Here you will see I am adjusting a photograph of purple tulips.

2.  Select the polygonal lasso tool.

3.  Select the area that needs to be adjusted. Here I am adjusting the color of one tulip. (For information on how to use the polygonal lasso tool, check out “How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop”)

4.  In your layers panel, click to add a new adjustment layer > Hue/Saturation.

5.  An adjustment panel will open up on the right side of your screen. Make sure the “colorize” box is checked.

6.  Drag the sliders of the Hue, Saturation and Lightness bars to adjust to a color that fits your needs.


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Nice little, helpful tutorial ya got here

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