How Not to Use Social Media to Promote a Design Business

As a designer, you must rely on networking to build a client list and earn a consistent income. In today’s technology driven world, the best way to begin this networking process is to utilize online social media to connect with others.

However, there’s a correct and an incorrect way to use social media when promoting a design business. Unfortunately, when using incorrect promotion tactics, you could be doing more harm than good. As such, here are four commonly used social media no-no’s and how to avoid them when building an online presence. 

Creating Inconsistent Branding

Many new freelance designers often haven’t yet developed a complete sense of their business identity. While experimenting with several branding options in your startup days is a natural and acceptable process, this inconsistency should happen behind the scenes and not in your social media efforts.

As your online presence begins to grow, you’ll likely create accounts with several social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Even in the beginning stages of your design career, it’s important to portray a consistent business image between all online efforts from your website to your social media branding pages. This consistent branding will show visitors you’re an established professional who takes your business seriously and will provide the professional results they require.

Use the following tactics to develop a consistent branding identity:

  • Design a main activity hub such as a website and use this identity in the other online outlets you utilize
  • Create a business mission and reflect this mission in your various online bios
  • If outsourcing your social media updating duties, regularly monitor each outlet to ensure consistent branding

Broadcasting Rather than Interacting

Today’s online audiences don’t appreciate being drilled with mundane broadcasting efforts on topics that won’t benefit them personally or professionally. Far too many businesses are using social media to broadcast news of corporate happenings and this often results in a loss, rather than an increase, in online followers.

A more successful option is to engage your online audiences by providing opportunities for them to interact with you. Provide polls, contests, comment sections and more to encourage visitors to provide feedback and input not only on the design field in general but also on the services you offer. These opportunities for interactivity will help to spread word regarding why others should visit your social media pages.

Pushing Sales Excessively

Sure, a main goal of your online presence is to advance your design career by cultivating additional clients. However, few things turn off online audiences more than being pushed to purchase a product or service without first being informed of the value they can receive from doing so.

Rather than solely using social media to push the sales of your design products and services, provide valuable free tools to engage your online visitors. Not only will this increase their trust in your professional abilities but will also encourage them to tell others about the tools you offer.

Failing to Update

Few things are worse for an online presence than allowing one or more of your social networks to go stale. As you begin utilizing several social media outlets, you may find the task of updating them to be daunting and, therefore, may become slack on these duties. This is dangerous since it can cause online followers to begin questioning the success of your design business and, ultimately, can result in the decline of your online presence.

To maintain a consistent updating plan, you can employ one or more of several available tactics:

  • Develop a manageable schedule such as setting aside one hour of each work day for updating duties.
  • Outsource your social media updating duties to a virtual assistant or another trusted outlet.
  • Automate your updating duties using one of the many available tools such as Social Oomph, HootSuite and Twitterfeed.

Online social media is not only about connecting with potential clients but also about reaching out to others in the design world. By utilizing proper networking techniques, you can build a successful online presence while also advancing the success of your design business.

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