How to Create Luscious Lips in Photoshop

This tutorial will help you to take chapped and dry looking lips and make them glossy and luscious.

Beautiful luscious lips Dry chapped lips

1. Open up your image in Photoshop.

2. Click on Adjustments > Selective Color then play around with the sliders to achieve the color you want.

Selective Color

3. Click back onto your original lips image then select Filter > Liquify then use the bloat tool to add volume and shape to your lips.

Liquify Tool

4. Now right click on your original lips image and select duplicate image. Now select Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur then choose a radius of around 1.0.

Gaussian Blur

5. Then add a layer mask and use a black paintbrush to paint back in the detail of the skin leaving only the lips blurred.

6. Now select a color from the lips using the eye dropper tool and paint over the lips to flatten the chapped texture. Then reduce the opacity to around 75%

 Painted Layer

7. Add a new layer and set it to overlay and use the paintbrush tool on black for shadows and white for highlights, you can also change the opacity of the brush to achieve different tones.

8. Add another new layer and select the lasso tool, use this tool to draw out shapes of where you want the light to be reflected on the lips. Then fill these shapes with white color, blur them in the same way as you used the Gaussian blur earlier and use the eraser tool on low opacity to remove any rough edges.

Lasso Tool

9. Now add a 50% gray layer by clicking add new layer and using the Paint bucket tool with 50 gray selected and fill the new layer. Then set this layer to overlay. Now use the dodge and burn tool to paint in shadows / midtones / highlights to add depth to the lips and really bring them to life. Also add little specks of highlights to show the lips reflections with a hard edged brush. You can use photographs as reference of how the light would look reflected on the lips.

Dodge and Burn on 50% Gray layer

10. Finally on a new layer use the clone stamp tool on mid opacity to clean up around the edges of the lips.

Clone Tool to tidy up edges

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