How to Choose a Specialized or Diversified Career Path

New and accomplished designers often face a pressing internal debate – whether to specialize in one design niche or branch their talents into multiple realms. This question is difficult to answer since accomplished designers exist on both sides to prove that success is possible with either option.

When deciding whether to specialize in one niche, such as fashion photography or extend your professional efforts into other markets such as writing or videography, it’s beneficial to assess the benefits of both options. To help this debate weigh a little less heavily on your creative mind, here are the main benefits of both career paths.

Taking a Specialized Approach

  • Earn a higher income –Specialized designers offer unique talents very few can provide. With these in-demand skills often comes the ability to charge higher fees to clients who will gladly pay almost any amount you request.
  • Become the go-to professional –Have you ever dreamed of being a featured web designer in popular magazines or top blogs? By taking a specialized career approach, you may someday become the go-to professional in your niche market.
  • Perfect your talents –When specializing in one design realm such as wedding photography, you can dedicate your time to perfecting that main talent. This offers the ability to hone your skills in a manner that simply wouldn’t occur with a diversified professional approach.
  • Avoid distractions –Working on projects in multiple design realms can be distracting. If you’re the type of creative professional who needs to focus on one project to feel productive, a specialized career could help you avoid the distractions.

Testing New Waters

  • Avoid creative slumps –If you’re the type of designer who craves variety, doing the same thing every day can lead to a creative slump. By testing the waters of several design niches, you can diversify your daily schedule and avoid creative burnout.
  • Choose complementary realms –Many design niches are complementary. For example, if you have a knack for photography but also enjoy graphic design, these talents can be combined in many creative ways. By offering wedding photography and invitation design services, you’ll continue doing what you love while serving multiple client needs.
  • Develop new skills –It’s said to remain successful, you must continue learning new things. By taking a diversified career approach, you can simplify the task of learning and become a more well-rounded professional in the process.
  • Safeguard your business –Downturns occasionally occur in every market. However, when they happen in your market, the effects on your design business can be devastating. By developing your skills in several design realms, you’ll safeguard your business from those pesky downturns and can continue paying the bills if one venture doesn’t turn out quite as well as you had planned.

Deciding which design career path to pursue is a dilemma each creative professional must face. While benefits exist for specialized designers as well as for those who develop talents in multiple niche markets, you’ll likely discover one route is the best option for you. If you know you’re a kick-butt photographer who loves the fashion world, perhaps you’re meant for a specialized career in high fashion photography. However, if your mind is constantly pondering the vast design possibilities and you’re itching to try your hand at new crafts, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to cultivate those talents. In the end, whichever design path you choose, choose it with conviction and do everything you can to succeed.

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