Essential Tips for Choosing an Awesome Design Business Name

Venturing out on your own as a soon-to-be successful freelance designer is exhilarating, yet terrifying. Many tasks must be completed at this time such as building an online presence and accumulating clients. However, before you can do these things, you must choose a business name.

The proper business name – with it, you’ll establish a proper branding for the freelance venture, creating the image you’d like to portray to clients. Without it, you’ll lack the confidence needed to become a successful independent designer. Instead, you'll become hung-up on the concern that it’s the business name, not other factors, that are preventing you from accumulating clients. Since your design business name holds such potential power, here are a few essential tips to ensure the name you select is absolutely, positively awesome.

Keep it Simple

While it’s alright to get a little creative with a design business name, don’t go too far off the beaten path. Eccentric names can frighten potential clients, causing them to question the services you offer. Rather, keep the name simple and straightforward. You’ll likely find that a simple name is much easier to develop a brand around and is more marketable in the design industry.

While you may think that titling a business after your personal name is too dull, this can actually be a very effective option. Unless you have an extremely common name, you’ll likely easily be able to secure the domain and social media user names for it. Additionally, potential clients who have heard of your work but only know your personal name will be more able to locate you with online searches if your business is of the same title.

Search for Similarities

Before ordering business cards and other marketing materials with a preferred business name, search for similarities. Nothing is worse than moving forward with a branding decision only to discover your desired domain name or social media network usernames have already been spoken-for. It’s important to have the same username on all social media networks because this creates consistency for your clients.

Here are a few ways to search for similarities:

  • Google it – The best option for many things these days, search Google to find other businesses similarly named with your chosen branding.
  • Register with social media – To build an online presence, you’ll need to utilize social media networks. As such, after thinking of a business name, register on popular social media networks to ensure the username isn’t taken.
  • Buy a domain – Whether creating a blog, a website, or other domain-necessary presence, you’ll need to ensure your preferred domain isn’t already taken before moving forward with a business name.

Stick with it

A common issue preventing many new design business owners from focusing on building their business is a preoccupation with whether they’ve chosen the very best business name. While selecting an appropriate name is certainly important, it isn’t the end-all to your business’s success. Rather, by becoming hung-up on the naming process, you’re really delaying your business’s development.

Once you’ve chosen a name you think is effective, stick with it. Unless an unforeseen issue arises with the name, resist the urge to rebrand your business after you’ve already chosen a name and moved forward with it. This will only confuse your current clients and may cause them to question your business confidence.

While selecting a design business name is certainly an important aspect of the brand building process, it isn’t the end-all. Rather, it’s the services you provide that, in the end, will determine how strong of a client list you’re able to produce. As such, choose a business name, market it properly and stick with it to set your freelance venture off on the best course.

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