Design Your Own Floral Typography Logo in Photoshop

Creating funky and eye catching logos and type is a major aspect in many design projects. In this tutorial I will show you how to design and create your own grungy floral typography logo.

Final Image

Let's get started!

1.    Open up a new canvas size 300px high by 800px wide.

2.    Choose a colour from the colour picker and use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill your canvas.

Step 1

3.    Select the big T text tool from your toolbar, select a nice clean and chunky font with size set to around 180 -200px and colour set to white. I choose to do two words and make a cool effect by flipping one of them horizontally by entering the first word ‘love’ them selecting edit  > free transform > flip horizontally. Then I selected the T text tool again and entered the ‘life’ word.

Step 2

4.    Now before we start adding brush strokes we need to rasterize the text layers by right clicking them and selecting rasterize type. Once you have done this merge the text layers together by selecting layers > merge down.

5.    Time to add some funkiness to the image! This time we are going to use the eraser tool to take away portions of the text. Select the eraser and then choose a grungy, splatter brush (Photoshop preset brushes are great for this). Erase some edges of the text, change up the size of the brushes and the style of brush for a varied effect.

Step 3

Step 4

6.    Now we will add some brush strokes so select the brush tool and make sure the colour is white to match the text. I have used some floral brushes from but you can use any you think will add to and fit with your design.

Step 5

7.    Mess things up a bit by rotating the text slightly, do this by selecting edit > free transform > rotate.

Step 6

8.    Add some colour by adding a new layer and then adding a diagonal colour gradient. Once you have added the gradient use the eraser tool to remove some of the colour from the text so the text can shine through, then reduce the opacity to around 40%.

Step 7

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