Create a Web 2.0 Reflection in Adobe Illustrator

We've shown how to do a reflection in Photoshop, but its useful to know how to do the same thing in Adobe Illustrator as well.

1. Open the image you'd like to reflect. Here, I'm using a "Sold Out" icon.

2. Select the entire image you're planning to create the reflection on. Using your mouse, hold down the ALT key and then click+drag your image. This will create duplicate layers. Drag the duplicate layer all the way down to the bottom of your original image, as shown below.

3. With the duplicate image selected, go to "Object > Transform > Reflect" Select the horizontal reflection.

4. Re-select the original image. Go to "Object > Lock > Selection" (CTRL+2).

5. Select the rectangle tool. Create a rectangle over the reflected image.

6. Using the gradient tool, add a gradient layer to the rectangle using the following settings:

7. Select all unlocked layers by pressing CTRL+A. Then, in the Transparency panel, select "Make Opacity Mask". You can adjust the opacity of this layer if you'd like. I've lowered mine to 40%.

8. Unlock your layers (CTRL+ALT+2) and check out your new Web 2.0 style reflection! This affect can be done to create reflections in any style of image in Illustrator.

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