Advancing a Design Business: Portfolio Promotion Sites

Advancing a design business is mainly about two things – talent and networking. While your design talents will naturally grow overtime with a commitment to continually learning and trying new things, the networking aspect may not come so naturally.

However, if you truly want to succeed in the design world, you must be willing to put your work out there for the praise and, at times, criticism of others in the field. In doing so, you’ll gain new skills and will also gain access to new clients. Here are some of the top online portfolio sites to consider placing your work onto if you want to get a better handle on this whole networking thing.

Behance - A major player in the design portfolio market, Behance is a great place to showcase your work. Create a portfolio, receive comments and ratings from others, and search for design jobs on the job board.

Carbonmade - Including both free and paid options, Carbonmade makes the uploading of an online portfolio easy. Offering a modern, playful layout, this website offers the chance to showcase your designs along with a description and a link back to your personal website.

Coroflot - Browse the portfolios of other professionals and upload yours for review on Coroflot. Similar to others, this website also includes a job board to expand your client list.

deviantArt - This thriving community includes platforms for artists of all types. From photography to illustrations, the portfolio options on deviantArt are vast, offering the exposure you need.

Design:related - Gather project inspiration, browse design jobs and receive critiques from design professionals on the Design:related website. This site also includes news posts to remain informed on the latest designs happenings.

Flickr - While Flickr was originally developed as a photo sharing platform, it’s evolved to include other artwork forms. Showcase your design talents and advance your network by developing a portfolio on this website.

illyPads - Upload work samples and professional credentials on illyPads. This website is ideal for graphic designers and illustrators hoping to get their name out there.

While you needn’t create and maintain portfolios on all of the resources above, the strategic use of a few can advance your design network. The online design community is the ideal place to connect with other designers and learn from them. It’s also the venue to place your work in front of vast potential clients to advance your design business. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

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