8 Outstanding Examples of Motion Typography

Often, typographical elements are the most important aspects of the designs you create. When used effectively, typography can speak directly to the emotions of your design viewers and can drive them to action. Of the many typographical uses designers have discovered, perhaps the most impactful modern trend is the use of motion typography.

From its combination with top music hits to its use in corporate marketing campaigns, motion typography takes a unique and impactful spin on the creative process. Here are 8 outstanding examples of motion typography to jumpstart your creativity.

Music Inspired

Whether incorporated into a musician's main music video or used to show a designer's interpretation of a music artist's lyrics, motion typography is becoming a popular backdrop for today's hit music. Here are two examples of how popular songs can be enhanced when timed to creative kinetic typography.


Movie-going is a favored pastime of audiences the world over. However, what happens if the flashy animations and attractive movie scenes are stripped away, leaving only the dialogue behind? The following examples show how motion typography can portray the mood of a movie scene when all that remains are an actor or actress's words.


Today's audience members are continually bombarded with advertisements. This marketing overload has caused many consumers to tune out the predictable marketing tactics used by many companies. Motion typography has proven to be an effective marketing tool at breaking through the information overload to grad and hold viewer attention with its creative advertising spin.

Social Causes

To partake in a social cause, audiences must be driven to action. As shown in the following two examples, motion typography can be an effective tactic for encouraging audiences to give back to their communities and become more involved in various non-profit causes.

Whether created alone or as the backdrop of a popular movie scene, motion typography has proven its effectiveness in the creative world. By adopting this popular design trend into the services you offer to clients or by incorporating other typography trends into your designs, you will advance your design skills and become a more dynamic creative professional.

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