8 Free and Slick Icon Packs for Mobile Designs

When striving for a mobile application or design that shines with polish, you need professional looking icons. Here are some free icon packs you can use in your own designs that can help. You can use all of these for both commerical and personal work, but some have attritubtion licenses attached.

1. Glyphish

200 Icons (80 additional icons in the paid version, including Retina Display versions for crisp rendering).

License: Creative Commons

Glyphish Mobile Icons

2. PICAS Icons

10 vector icons available for free. Up to 250 icons available for purchase.

PICAS mobile icons

3. gcons

100 icons, each one with in 12 different color options, which can add some variety to your designs, if that is what you are looking for.  Ove of the more versatile packs we came across.

4. IconSweets

60 white icons, each in 32x32 and 16x16 sizes.

IconSweets Mobile Design icons

5. IconSweets2

The sequal to IconSweets, now with over 400 icons and retina display compatible, plus close to 300 in the smaller 16x16 size.

IconSweets2 promo

6. Glyph Set 1 and Set 2 by Peter Burdette

License: Creative Commons

Glyph set

7. TWG Icon Set

150 icons that cover a vast array of different verticals and objects.  Retina display compatible.

License: Creative Commons

TWG iphone icons

8. WPZOOM Developer Icons

154 vector icons.  These are not specifically for mobile designs, but still fit the look and feel people expect.

WPZoom developer icons

BONUS: Not really a bundled icon pack, but The Noun Project has a full database of quality icons for your to use. Any noun or object you can think of, they probably have some representation already made.


Michael Martin's picture

Some really nice icon sets there! I love these minimal, under-stated icons. They work so well on so many projects. iconSweets was a new find for me, downloading that now, can't believe it's free!

Another good set like these are the Mono icons: http://www.tutorial9.net/downloads/108-mono-icons-huge-set-of-minimal-ic...

Matt Robison's picture

Yeah, I couldn't believe IconSweets either. Quality stuff. They set the bar high and then gave away the bar.


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