6 Stellar Examples of Facebook Welcome Pages

Looking to increase your design business exposure? Since Facebook is king of online social networking, it’s essential to perfect your Facebook design business page. By developing a well-managed and attractively designed Facebook business page, you’ll increase likes and thus, gain more online momentum.

The most effective tactic to increase Facebook page likes is by creating a welcome page for non-fans, otherwise known as a landing page. The main purpose of a landing page is to encourage non-fans to like your design business page to view exclusive information and access valuable deals. The welcome page can also serve as a quick snap-shot of the services you offer and your design philosophy. Of course, apart from creating a welcome page for your business, as a talented designer, you can capitalize on this trend by developing welcome page design talents to create Facebook landing pages for clients.

The following are 6 stellar examples of Facebook welcome pages to provide an idea of the possibilities available with this trend:

Red Bull

The lack of subtlety on Red Bull’s Facebook welcome page was earned the company more than 21 million likes. If a main goal of your personal design business page or that of a design client is to generate likes, a similar straight forward approach may be best.

Passion for Creative

Similar to the approaches of others, the Passion for Creative welcome tab directs the attention of viewers directly towards the like button, encouraging them to take a specific action. The company’s use of bright colors is also highly effective at commanding attention.

Micks Garage

The landing page for Micks Garage entices viewers to like them for the chance at exclusive freebies and exclusive pricing details. This page displays the ways in which any business business can develop a crisp and professional online appearance by making an added effort.

Toyota USA

The Facebook welcome page of Toyota USA provides concise details regarding what users will find after clicking the like button. Audiences are also encouraged to interact with Toyota by sharing their car ownership experiences. This is a unique approach ensuring users know what to expect after liking a company page.


Adobe’s landing page promotes not only their Facebook network, but also their other social media efforts. Visitors can follow different links to customize their business interaction experience in the best manner that suits their interests.


For those clients who sell specific products to target audiences rather than provide services, a simple landing page showcasing their products may be sufficient. HTC’s welcome page effectively utilizes this tactic and also adds a video element for an added touch. 

The online presence you build for your design business will, in large part, determine your future success in this career. Clients, fellow designers and others who search for your business details online must be impressed with your social media efforts to continue interacting with you and utilizing your services. If you hope to begin building Facebook welcome pages for clients, it’s essential to research the variety of tactics being used by others. In doing so, you’ll develop an arsenal of stellar ideas to create top notch results for your clients.


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