6 Inspiring Examples of Animation Infographics

Perhaps the best option for spicing up otherwise bland content such as graphs and text is by incorporating details into an infographic animation. Infographic animations combine motion, audio and graphic design to provide stellar compilations for content-hungry audiences. To increase your awareness of and appreciation for the art of animation infographics, here are 6 inspiring examples of this trend.

DNA Test Results

Ever been slightly boggled at the statistics passed along from medical exams? Consider incorporating them into an animation infographic to simplify the information. The DNA Test Results animation incorporates simple graphics and great color usage for wonderful results.

Facebook Infographic

Ah Facebook, you just can’t escape it. While the audio could use a little sprucing up, this is a crisp, well-designed infographic animation worth viewing – especially for Facebook junkies.

History of the Internet

Ever wondered how the online world you’ve become so reliant on has evolved? Watch this well-designed animation to find out. The simple use of colors and basic graphics are effective at making the details easier to grasp.

One Trillion Dollars Visualized from Mint.com

Most common-folk can’t imagine living as a trillionaire, or even as a millionaire. However, this animation by Mint.com puts the possession of a trillion dollars more firmly into perspective. It also makes you look a little closer at the world’s debt crises.

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Digesting the complexities of a computer virus is more than most people would like to handle. However, in this expertly designed animation infographic, viewers are guided through the details with easy to digest and attractive graphics.

What Barry Says

Although this animation infographic is rich with speculation and questionable political sentiment, it’s a stellar example of the animated infographic trend. Whether or not you agree with the dialogue, notice how the graphics are used perfectly to drive the narrator’s point.

It’s easy to appreciate the thought and talent that goes into the animation infographic creation process. These animations provide fluidity and flair to otherwise meager content while offering details in an easy to understand format for their audiences. As organizations and designers continue to harness the power of animated infographics the demand for designers with the talents to create them will undoubtedly increase.


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