4 Ways to Get Inspired and Shake Your Creativity Loose

As a designer, you have a natural creative inclination that drives the projects you create. This creativity fuels your success and attracts clients to you. However, despite how creatively inclined you may be, days will inevitably arrive when you’re utterly uninspired and lack the motivation to even turn on your computer.  

It’s on those unmotivated days when you must use outside elements to become inspired and raise your productivity level to deliver your projects on time. Here are 4 ways you can get inspired whether you’re facing a mental block or want to explore design trends outside your main niche.

Explore the Past

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The time when other designers in your niche are focusing on modern trends and using the most updated versions of graphic design software is when you may benefit the most from exploring retro sources. By learning how designers from the past used old school techniques to create vibrant and effective designs, you can accumulate new tools to use in your projects.

Many sources include retro design examples from vintage magazine cover compilations to websites featuring retro advertisements. Sometimes, a combination of retro techniques and modern software is the perfect recipe for creative inspiration.

Research other Creative Niches

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Whether you specialize in web design, corporate marketing material creation or photography, there’s much to be learned from other design niches. Often, designers become so consumed with the market they’re serving that they fail to see how other creative viewpoints can be the best sources of inspiration.

Spend a few hours exploring the compositions of famous photographers or artists to learn how other creative professionals approach their work. You’ll likely gather a few ideas on how their approaches can be incorporated into your designs.

Follow the Professionals

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The top design professionals in your niche market have reached those high points in their careers by continually pushing the design limit. As such, there’s much you can learn from following their work. Whether you choose to follow a few professional designers via Twitter and other social networks or track any previous major projects they’ve developed, these design experts can serve as wonderful motivational sources to continue expanding your talents.

Turn to Nature

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The best place to find rich textures, vibrant colors and inspiration is the natural world. Nature abounds with elements that can serve as the perfect complements to your current creative inclinations. Explore how other designers have used natural elements in their work and begin playing with these elements in your designs for a new creative approach.

Inspiration can be found in many places including the natural world and other design niches, you just need to be open to receiving it. Above all, be open to testing new design concepts you haven’t yet utilized. By using all sources at your disposal to become inspired, you’ll not only become a better designer but will develop the tools needed to push through those creative blocks that will inevitably arrive.


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