30 Imaginative QR Codes

An innovative way for the offline world to connect with the online one, the power of the QR code is only just being recognized by businesses the world over. An abbreviation of Quick Response Codes, a QR Code does just that – it enables you to use your camera enabled smartphone to connect to information on the internet.

QR Codes were first invented in Japan and have been in use in the country for more than a decade now. They are only now being recognized for their potential by the rest of the world.

Today you can use these codes to share any information online, from an ebook to a video. You can also use them to build communities or for calls to action where the QR code leads to a landing page, improve SEO and SMO and even to link to analytics. Use them on your business card, brochures and other printed communication, on product tags and on packaging, point-of-sale receipts, event ticket stubs, restaurant menus, nametags at events and conventions and even on the sides of trucks and trailers.

You can link QR codes to anything on your business website, such as customer feedback forms, instruction manuals, branch locations, special offers, free mp3 downloads, the map to your offices. The key to attracting consumer interest is to make sure that the codes are as imaginative as the ones featured below:

Angry Birds

Skateboard QR code for wklondon.com

Azon Media



A Three Dimensional One!

3D Concept QR code


Logicode Fishtime

Help Japan Now


Ken Block Airfield Rallying- Top Gear- BBC [Youtube Video]

Clicked in Harrods, London. Reads- “Money is not the goal of work. Money is just the result.”



Kim Lentz Svendsen

QR Arts


LG Vacuum Cleaner - Cyking

The Houseton Fence

London Olympics 2012

Louis Vuitton


Poker Chip Concept


Captured in Tokyo. Reads- “Birth is never a coincidence. It was meant to be.”


Rabbit Integrated



Concept QR for Sleepingcities1.blogspot.com

Techno Grafitti- Graffiti QR


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