30 Creative Flyer Designs for Event Promotion

Whether you are selling an event or creating awareness about your products and services, the design of your flyer has a lot to do contribute to your brand identity. Creative flyer designs will help your target audience first pay attention to your business and then remember your name when they are out looking for products and services similar to those that you offer. This not only means that the flyer design needs to represent your company and its corporate image perfectly, it should also engage people and deliver the message effectively.

All this only goes to emphasize the need for creativity in design. There are a few other things that you should keep in mind while choosing the best flyer design for your business:

  • Less is more – The flyer should not be overloaded with information. Let the image sell whatever you are trying to sell. You can achieve this with creative design.
  • Make sure the design is eye-catching – Only if you draw the end consumer’s attention can you motivate them to take a closer look at what you are selling and only when they take a closer look will the consumer be motivated to buy.
  • Use only one or two types of fonts – This enhances the professional feel of the flyer.
  • Proof before printing – This can’t be overemphasized. The flyer has to be completely error free if you want people to take you seriously and trust you.
  • Variety is the key – Just like how television advertisements for a particular product are changed at regular intervals, flyer designs should also bring forth variety and innovative design. This way you can be sure that you are addressing the changing tastes of your consumer.

Here are some designs that bring to life all these points:

The Room Mates

The Fillmore Flyer

Snowboarding Championship

Simplon Poppodium

Saeed Younan

Re-opening of Scrutton Street Studios

Remember @lamania

QueTePasa Squash


Panic Room Club Flyer

Painting The Village Green

Now in Advertising Nominations

Letnia Ofensywa Kulturalna

Larry Heard Club Flyer

Kiskoleves Juice Bar & Cafe

Help Stop Global Warming

T Mobile



Tri Continental Film Festival


Drop 9.0 Club Flyer

Eclectone Records Showcase

Dollop Launch In Heaven

Cut Off Your Hands

Creative Images After Hours

Cancer Awareness Basketball Game

Hairy Masques Club Flyer

Bedrock One

Barack Obama


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