16 Simple and Effective iPhone/iPad App Landing Page Designs

A mobile app landing page is made for one thing: get the vistor to download the application. We've collected several landing pages that fufill this purpose and have effective, beautiful design elements, but also maintain simplicity and don't try to do to much.

As you look at each one, do your own 4-second test to see how effective they are.

1. Leaflet

Leaflet App Webpage

2. Munch 5-a-Day 

Munch5 Webpage

3. Headquarters

Headquarters Webpage

4. Keypoint

Keypoint Website

5. Dropbox

Dropbox Website

6. Ambiance

Ambiance Website

7. Zenbe

 Zenbe Website

8. Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic website

 9. IMDb

imdb website

10. Tango

Tango Free Video Calls

11. BillMinder

Billminder website

12. Wi-Fi Finder

wi-fi finder website

13. The Typopgraphy Manual

typography manual website

14. AirPhones

airphones app website

15. Nota

Nota Website

16. Whisper

Whisper Website


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