15 Websites to Help You Sell Your Designs

As a designer, you have many opportunities to make a living doing what you love. From joining the corporate world as an in-house creative professional to accumulating clients as a freelance designer, your income opportunities are vast. Of these various possibilities, perhaps the best opportunity to advance your design career while maintaining control over your schedule is to sell your designs online.

Whether you’re a photographer, vector designer, or web developer, a variety of websites exist specifically as a platform for selling creative products to those who need them. However, since compensation rates can vary from one platform to another, the best option is to research several of them before selecting the best choices. The following are 15 websites where you can sell everything from videos to logo designs.  

Design Swapping

CoSwap – The sharing of creative services is a growing online trend, which is the central focus of the CoSwap market. Share your design expertise with other creative professionals and receive the services you need in return.

Design Swap - Design Swap also capitalizes on the services swap trend but focuses on the sharing of web design expertise.

Font Designs

Linotype – High quality fonts are in large demand, as evidenced by the growing online font selling network. Use the Linotype website to sell your original typeface creations and receive the recognition you deserve.

MyFonts – The MyFonts network claims to be the largest font selling website, which makes it a great platform for selling the typefaces you create.

Photography and Vector Graphics

BigStockPhoto – If you’re a professional photographer or vector designer, sell your work on BigStockPhoto for a healthy payout.

Graphic Leftovers – Graphic Leftovers is a well-designed website allowing you to sell vector graphics and images. The site is easy to navigate and provides a great buying and selling environment.

iStockphoto – The iStockphoto marketplace is a platform allowing creative professionals to sell a variety of products including photographs and vector graphics. Given their commitment to quality, be prepared to provide your highest quality work samples to be accepted as a seller.

Shutterstock – Similar in nature to iStockphoto and other such photo selling websites, Shutterstock caters to professional photographers who want to earn healthy returns on their talents.

VectorStock – This website is primarily for vector graphic designers. If you have a talent in this realm, consider selling your creations for a decent payout.

Video/Flash Designs

FlashDen – If you specialize in flash templates, FlashDen is the market for you. This site’s straightforward design helps put your creations in front of more visitors for increased selling potential.

VideoHive – The VideoHive market is primarily for videographers with high quality stock footage and motion graphics to sell. Similar to FlashDen, this website is a popular selling outlet that can push your online success to the next level.

Web Designs and WordPress

Templamatic – Are you skilled in the realm of website template creation? If so, consider selling your designs on Templamatic to earn a decent return on your efforts.

ThemeForest – WordPress templates are currently a hot market for designers. ThemeForest offers a great platform for selling your creations if you specialize in this niche.

Theme Galaxy – Theme Galaxy is another site specializing in WordPress themes and is an option to consider if you have original templates to sell.

WP Theme Market – If you think you’ve got the template creation skills needed to make it in the competitive WordPress niche, consider selling your designs in the WP Theme Market. 

Achieving success as a designer has never been easier given the high demand that exists for creative services. Whether you specialize in web design or vector graphic creation, by selling your designs in the online market, you can create a steady passive income that will allow you to focus more fully on developing your craft.

Have you had success with these design selling websites or have you heard of others you'd like to share?


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