15 Free Thin Fonts and When to Use Them

As a design, making a statement or portraying a particular mood is all about the design elements you use and the fonts you select to complement those elements. When using ultra-thin fonts, you’re taking a more inviting approach with your design viewers – coaxing them into the message you’re attempting to sell.

However, since thousands of thin font options are available, selecting the perfect option for an upcoming project can be a challenge. From dainty serifs to flowing scripts, here are 15 free wonderfully designed fonts to ensure you find the perfect selection for your next project.

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Dainty Serif

A serif font can be the perfect option for those design projects that require a traditional approach. However, when you want to also keep the design light-hearted and friendly, use thin serifs to avoid coming across as too formal. The following a three great dainty serif font choices.



Spirequal Light

Flowing Scripts

Script fonts are elegant and flowing pieces of artwork that can bring a romantic touch to any design. Scripts are perfect choices for formal invitations or for introductory pages on female-oriented websites such as formal wear boutiques.

Quilline Script Thin




Certain thin fonts can take on too much of a romantic feel. When you want to keep things light-hearted, perhaps for a kid-oriented design, use playful and thin fonts. Here are a few great options worth incorporating into your upcoming projects.

Lemon Chicken


Sorbet LTD

Ultra-Thin Sans Serif

Sans serif fonts can provide modern touches to upcoming designs. By using these thin sans serif fonts, you can more effectively connect with young audiences while not allowing the font usage to become too commanding of a design element.



District Thin

Varied Weight

Sometimes, the perfect solution to your font usage dilemma is to use the best of the thin and bold font worlds. The following varied weight font choices combine ultra-thin and super-thick elements to create the perfect final design element.



Upper East Side

The fonts you use set the final tone for your design projects. Bold fonts are the perfect choices to use when you want to command viewer attention and slap them in the face with the message you’re trying to send. However, at times, the best approach is a light-hearted one that calls for daintier font selections. By incorporating thin fonts into your projects, you can portray your message in a less commanding manner and perhaps connect with viewers on a more meaningful and lasting level.


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