12 Free Bold Fonts and How to Use Them in Your Designs

The fonts you use can make or break your designs. Fonts should be selected with care to bolster the mood you want to portray with each project. When you want to command the attention of your design audiences and move them to action, a light and dainty font simply won’t get the job done. Instead, bold design projects call for equally bold fonts to grab and hold audience attention.

However, additional care must be used when incorporating bold fonts into creative projects because of the power these choices possess to ignite certain emotions. As such, if you think your upcoming design project could be bolstered by a strong font, consider one of the following free choices.

Compact and Bold

Often, designers know a certain project calls for bold fonts but fear the chunkier text won’t fit within the allotted space. Compact bold fonts are great options when you’re facing such a dilemma. Test out the following compact fonts to learn how well they can be manipulated into designs without burning up excessive white space.



Extra Bold

Go big or go home. That’s the mentality needed when using extra bold fonts in your designs. The following options will stand out in your next project to grab and hold viewer attention. However, given how impactful extra bold fonts can be, use them with extra care to avoid misinterpretations by your audiences.

Giant Head

Insight Issue New

High Contrast

Often, when people imagine bold fonts, they think of blocky letters with limited stroke weights. However, if you need high impact fonts but still desire variation in the lettering, use a high contrast style. With stroke weights altering between extra bold to ultra-thin, these fonts are guaranteed to produce the impactful results you desire.

Bodoni XT

Nouvelle Vague


If your next project is directed towards a younger audience or towards a more spirited crowd, try using a livelier font that will play well with your lighthearted design. Just because a font is bold, doesn’t mean it needs to boring, as is evidenced by the following choices.



Old School

Sometimes, a vintage feel is the best approach when creating original design projects. By taking an old school approach with your font selections, you can stand apart from the competition and achieve wonderful results. The following are popular old school font selections to test in your upcoming work.

Candy Inc


Sans Serif

Sans serif fonts are defined by their modern styles and crisp appearances. If you feel a bold font is needed in your creative work but also want the project to take a modern spin, test out a few sans serif bold fonts to determine if they’ll provide the desired results.

Bebas Neue


Your job as a creative professional isn’t only about making impactful and appropriate designs. It’s also about understanding the world of typography and how the use of a particular font can take your designs to the next level. Spend a little extra time experimenting with font options for your next design project and see just how wonderful the results can be.


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