Splicing and Composing Photo Elements to Create Artwork

Final composition

Use simple Photoshop tools and a combination of images to create vivid photoreal images. This style of image is very effective within the advertising and branding designs.

Create a Web 2.0 Reflection in Adobe Illustrator

We've shown how to do a reflection in Photoshop, but its useful to know how to do the same thing in Adobe Illu

Create a Custom Twitter Background in Photoshop

There are three main content areas to a Twitter page.

How to Create Luscious Lips in Photoshop

Beautiful luscious lips

This tutorial will help you to take chapped and dry looking lips and make them glossy and luscious.

Creating a Pattern and Pattern Set in Photoshop

Creating and setting up patterns can help make you more efficient in Photoshop.

How to Transform an Image into a Stylized Painting

Final image

Follow the steps below to learn how to transform your image and achieve this effect

Creating an Image Reflection in Photoshop

1.  Open the image that you’d like to reflect. Here, I’m using a simple image of an apple on a white background.

Image Recoloring using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop

While natural colors may be beautiful, they don’t always fit the design. Photoshop offers many tools to recolor an image. Here we will use hue/saturation to adjust an image to fit your needs.


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