Design for ecommerce can be hard. The main goal of the site is to sell, and design is a large chunk of whether that goal will be met, and so focus must be on conversions.

5 Overused Design Trends to Avoid

As a designer, you must create top notch work for your clients. To do so, you listen to the needs of those clients and research modern design trends into which you can infuse a creative touch.

30 Creative Flyer Designs for Event Promotion

Whether you are selling an event or creating awareness about your products and services, the design of your flyer has a lot to do contribute to your brand identity.

30 Imaginative QR Codes

3D Concept QR Code

An innovative way for the offline world to connect with the online one, the power of the QR code is only just being recognized by businesses the world over.

6 Stellar Examples of Facebook Welcome Pages

Looking to increase your design business exposure? Since Facebook is king of online social networking, it’s essential to perfect your Facebook design business page.

Land Your Dream Design Job with an Infographic Resume

Being new to the design world can be a little intimidating.

6 Inspiring Examples of Animation Infographics

Perhaps the best option for spicing up otherwise bland content such as graphs and text is by incorporating details into an infographic animation. Infographic animations combine motion, audio a

16 Simple and Effective iPhone/iPad App Landing Page Designs

Leaflet App Website

A mobile app landing page is made for one thing: get the vistor to download the application.

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