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How to Interview Your Interviewers during Design Job Searches

When searching for employment, many design newbies focus solely on presenting a desirable interviewee image to potential employers.

How to Raise Your Freelance Rates with Confidence

As a professional freelance designer, you provide in-demand services to clients and should be properly compensated for your talent, effort, and time.

Going Full-time Freelance: Encouraging Acceptance from Others

Many misconceptions exist regarding freelancers and the work they do. When these misconceptions come from strangers, they can be minor nuisances. 

Creating the Ideal Freelancing Work Week

As a freelance designer, your work schedule should ideally allow you to take the occasional afternoon off to relax with a good book or to spend more time with your children.

How to Choose a Specialized or Diversified Career Path

New and accomplished designers often face a pressing internal debate – whether to specialize in one design niche or branch their talents into multiple realms.

How to Professionally Deal with Difficult Design Clients

Let’s face it, some clients suck. Sure, we’ve all heard that customers are always right and you must do everything to appease them.

Top Design Conferences you Should Attend

Networking with others in your design niche is the best way to find new clients and expand your creative talents.

Why Working for an Employer as a Designer can be a Good Thing

Often, designers working for design firms or other companies complain that they must work for an employer.

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