How to Design for the Asian Market

Coca Cola China

If you would like to expand your business all over the world, you will need to start having business in Asia.

Warping Text and Typography

In design, text plays an important role. Sometimes it plays the only role. Here is a fun exercise for making a full page text-only design!

Automate the Mundane - Basic Action Writing in Photoshop

Repeating the same steps over and over and over again can be, well… repetitive.

4 Ways to Get Inspired and Shake Your Creativity Loose

As a designer, you have a natural creative inclination that drives the projects you create. This creativity fuels your success and attracts clients to you.

How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop

Creating transparent backgrounds in Photoshop is an easy process that can take any busy image and make it crisp and clear.

8 Free and Slick Icon Packs for Mobile Designs

Glyphish Mobile Icons

When striving for a mobile application or design that shines with polish, you need professional looking icons. Here are some free icon packs you can use in your own designs that can help.

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