200+ Free Photoshop Brushes Every Designer Needs

Watercolor Brushes

The brush tool is one of the most used tools in photo editing and creating art within Photoshop. Here are my top 10 brush sets that I just cannot live without!

15 Websites to Help You Sell Your Designs

As a designer, you have many opportunities to make a living doing what you love.

How to Transform an Image into a Stylized Painting

Final image

Follow the steps below to learn how to transform your image and achieve this effect

How Not to Use Social Media to Promote a Design Business

As a designer, you must rely on networking to build a client list and earn a consistent income.

16 Simple and Effective iPhone/iPad App Landing Page Designs

Leaflet App Website

A mobile app landing page is made for one thing: get the vistor to download the application.

Creating an Image Reflection in Photoshop

1.  Open the image that you’d like to reflect. Here, I’m using a simple image of an apple on a white background.

8 Outstanding Examples of Motion Typography

Often, typographical elements are the most important aspects of the designs you create.

Image Recoloring using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop

While natural colors may be beautiful, they don’t always fit the design. Photoshop offers many tools to recolor an image. Here we will use hue/saturation to adjust an image to fit your needs.


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