The Value of Designer Collaboration

As a designer, it’s natural to feel threatened by others who serve the same niche market.

Create a Web 2.0 Reflection in Adobe Illustrator

We've shown how to do a reflection in Photoshop, but its useful to know how to do the same thing in Adobe Illu

12 Free Bold Fonts and How to Use Them in Your Designs

The fonts you use can make or break your designs. Fonts should be selected with care to bolster the mood you want to portray with each project.

Create a Custom Twitter Background in Photoshop

There are three main content areas to a Twitter page.

175+ Free Cloth and Fabric Textures

rough fabric

We've collected several textures that we think will be useful to you in your work. These are all cloth or fabric of some kind.

How to Create Luscious Lips in Photoshop

Beautiful luscious lips

This tutorial will help you to take chapped and dry looking lips and make them glossy and luscious.

Coffee Shop or Cafe Website Design Template: Free PSD

Coffee Shop Website Design

This is our first free resource to offer our readers.  This rich and dark design is perfect for coffee shops or cafes, or maybe even a coffee company selling its product.

Creating a Pattern and Pattern Set in Photoshop

Creating and setting up patterns can help make you more efficient in Photoshop.

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