13 Valuable Tools to Streamline Your Design Projects

Most designers dream of breaking free from an employer’s grasp to start a freelance design business.

The Basics of Touching Up Images with Skin in Photoshop

Before and after

In this tutorial I will show you how to perform a basic skin retouch to clean up and visually enhance your image.

Hi-Res Leaf Texture Pack: Free Textures

Free Leaf Textures

This freebie includes seven high resolution leaf textures for you to use in your designs. Each one is at least 2000 pixels wide. You are free to use these in any of your designs.

Tips for Your Email Newsletter Designs

@ symbol on four leaf clover

Email marketing still works and is a critical part of any marketing strategy to promote a website or business.

15 Free Thin Fonts and When to Use Them

As a design, making a statement or portraying a particular mood is all about the design elements you use and the fonts you select to complement those elements.

How to Build a Design Business While Working Fulltime

Being a full-time freelancer is a goal many creative professionals dream of achieving.

The Value of Free in Building an Online Presence

When starting out as a designer, the best way to increase your market exposure and accumulate clients is to build an online identity.

Splicing and Composing Photo Elements to Create Artwork

Final composition

Use simple Photoshop tools and a combination of images to create vivid photoreal images. This style of image is very effective within the advertising and branding designs.


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