Design Your Own Floral Typography Logo in Photoshop

Final Image

Creating funky and eye catching logos and type is a major aspect in many design projects. In this tutorial I will show you how to design and create your own grungy floral typography logo.

How to Choose a Specialized or Diversified Career Path

New and accomplished designers often face a pressing internal debate – whether to specialize in one design niche or branch their talents into multiple realms.

How to Professionally Deal with Difficult Design Clients

Let’s face it, some clients suck. Sure, we’ve all heard that customers are always right and you must do everything to appease them.

10 Awesome And Artistic Brush Sets That Will Give Your Designs Edge

Fantasy brush set

Graphic designers are always looking for new and exciting Photoshop brushes to add to their ever expanding collection.

How to Add Fantasy Style Lighting and Effects to Your Images

Final Image

In this tutorial I will show you how to add cool fantasy style lighting effects to your images. This tutorial focuses on using brushes, layers and blending modes.

Top Design Conferences you Should Attend

Networking with others in your design niche is the best way to find new clients and expand your creative talents.

Give Your Image a Vintage and Retro Feel Using Photoshop


You can use Photoshop to give your images an old school make over, use a combination of curves adjustments and filters to make your image look like it was taken years ago, not days ago!!

Why Working for an Employer as a Designer can be a Good Thing

Often, designers working for design firms or other companies complain that they must work for an employer.

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