Design for ecommerce can be hard. The main goal of the site is to sell, and design is a large chunk of whether that goal will be met, and so focus must be on conversions.

5 Overused Design Trends to Avoid

As a designer, you must create top notch work for your clients. To do so, you listen to the needs of those clients and research modern design trends into which you can infuse a creative touch.

Saving on Traditional Business Costs

Want to start a design business but don’t have much money saved to cover startup costs?

4 Essential Tips for Handling Freelance Income Fluctuations

While freelancing offers freedom from 9 to 5 scheduling and the ability to set your income, it can also bring much uncertainty.

4 Essential Items to Include on Your Design Business Website

A design business website is an essential aspect of building an online presence. This website will be a main outlet for attracting new clients and building a network with other designers.

How to Make a Andy Warhol Pop Art Inspired Picture in Photoshop

Final Image

Everyone loves Andy Warhol’s collection of Pop Art pictures, they are fun and stylish and make awesome gifts for your friends or family or even yourself and will brighten up any room in your home.<

Tips for Building a Design Client Reference List

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, networking is the foundation of a profitable business.

Advancing a Design Business: Portfolio Promotion Sites

Advancing a design business is mainly about two things – talent and networking.

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